Founded in 2015 by a group of friends who had in common the love of decent real ale, Ampthill Brewhouse’s first aim is to create highly drinkable – ‘gluggable’, or even ‘quaffable’, top quality real ales made from the best ingredients the UK has to offer. The second is to have fun and extend our support to the great local communities that surround us.

Our brand is our history

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Greensand Ridge in Central Bedfordshire is the not insignificant Georgian Market town of Ampthill. Historically rich thanks to the excesses of King Henry 8th, who visited Ampthill Castle to hunt in Ampthill Great Park and cast off his redundant wife to its ancient towers. The town still celebrates its famous guest with Aragon Day and many local sports clubs carry the colours and emblems from the Coat of Arms of Queen Catherine of Aragon. The Catherine Cross, which marks the site of the old castle on the hill in Ampthill Park, incidentally gave rise to another of Ampthill’s historical claims to fame by concealing the much coveted prize of Kit William’s renowned book ‘Masquerade’; the Golden Hare.

It is important to Ampthill Brewhouse to nod towards the town’s history so it has encompassed these elements within its brand. Our mischievous hare can often be found hiding somewhere on our products.